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My name is Robin Ulbredtch and I live in the northern Panhandle Region of Idaho. My home town, Sandpoint, is on the edges of beautiful lake Pend O’reille, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the United States of America. North Idaho is the home of evergreen trees, wildlife, four beautiful seasons, and, for the most part, friendly people. God’s handiwork of creation is displayed all the time through the creation whether it be snowflakes falling, leaves blowing in the wind, waves rolling in on the sandy beach or the beautiful array of flowers that bloom every spring.

I am soon to be 65 years of age. I have spent my life working to support my two sons and myself. I began my work career doing statistical typing and office work in Library and the Purchasing Office at Lewis-Clark State College in 1975. I took one year of Business classes and later an 18-month program in General Bookkeeping. In 1976 I married my first husband whom I met in Lewiston, Idaho.

In 1978 my first husband and I moved to Sandpoint, Idaho, where he began working in my parent’s office supply business. My parents put him to work with their one repairman and also paid for special schooling so he could learn the Office Machine Repair trade.

After nearly nine years and two sons, I got divorced due to my first husband’s alcohol problem. After that I raised my two sons as a single mother with some help from their father’s child support and my parents. God provided for all of our needs and worked many miracles in our lives. Thanks to Him, my two sons graduated from high school with A averages, completed bachelor’s degrees, and have successful careers. They both have beautiful wives and families of their own. God continues to provide for all of our needs.

During my years as a single mom I worked at a local fast food restaurant and also attended North Idaho College. It was during this time that God called me to write for His glory.  Since I had no clue about writing, I decided to encroll in a Journalism program at North Idaho College. I graduated with an A. S. in Journalism. I also took one year of commercial art classes. I wrote many articles for the college newspaper called The Sentinel.

After 8 years at the fast food restaurant, I went to work for a private corporation that works with Developmentally Disabled People. I worked nearly eight years with handicapped individuals, teaching them living skills and how to use the community resources such as our local art galleries, second hand stores, and other various resources. In 2010 I was injured at work and became disabled due to a back injury and other health issues.

During my early retirement I went on to finish a Bachelor’s Degree in Education through Liberty University Online.  Though I have not taught in public school, I spent 20+ years working in children’s ministry and with people of all ages. I use my training in Education in my writing, and God has put a curriculum for Christian schooling on my heart. I have a vision and several years of notes on this curriculum and I have just begun to put the pieces together.

During my free time I have spent hours serving the Lord in various kinds of ministry. I began working in Children’s ministry which I have spent many years of my life doing. I enjoyed it immensley. I also worked teen camps, single Bible studies, small group studies, and even volunteered for six years in our church office.

I am presently working on writing a Bible study on Nehemiah. When it’s done, Lord willing, I plan to work in the curriculum.

I live in Sandpoint with my husband, Steve, and our special dog, Roxy. Steve is a medically retired disabled veteran. He enjoys Christian music, Bible study, photography, watching television, and playing games on his computer tablet or in person with other people. Steve loves the challenge of trying to convince someone that they need Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Though Steve has an organic brain injury from a deadly case of pneumonia that he caught in the service, he knows the Bible better than anyone else I know. Steve helps me as much as he can with the tasks I have to do.  Steve and I have been married 27 years. We have seven sons, many with families of their own.

I recently started a Christian writer’s group called North Idaho Christian Writers. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month at the East Bonner County Library in Sandpoint, Idaho. Anyone who’s interested in Christian writing is welcome to join the meeting. Our next meeting in January 8th from 1:30-3:30 in a meeting room at the library. For more information, email me at getrobinu@gmail.com I look forward to seeing what God’s going to do with the writer’s group.

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