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Testimonies, Tips, and Tidbits

I’m just beginning to collect and organize many of the testimonies I have written about God’s work in my life. As I gather these stories from various other blogs and websites, I will be placing them on this blog, which I hope to turn into another website. Please bear with me as it will take some time to finish this work. Meanwhile you can read many of these stories on my websites: and  Also many of these stories can be found on as I have several listed there.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories and that you can see the miraculous things God has done for me. I pray these stories will encourage you and help you realize that with God all things are possible. Impossible circumstances for people are opportunities for God to demonstrate His awesome power and might, and to receive the glory He is due. God loves intervening in His peoples’ lives to deliver them from hopeless circumstances. He can take broken hearts and lives, heal them and bring something beautiful out of the ashes. My God is truly an amazing God! I know God can do this because He has done it for me!